• Spanish Squats in Andalusia

    In 2012, a bunch of leftist workers and farmers seized some unoccupied land in economically depressed southern Spain. Photographer José Colón, who grew up in the region, was there with his camera.

  • Zurich's Infamous Binz Squat Is No More

    On Friday morning, Zurich authorities entered the Binz, Switzerland's most infamous squat, with the intention of ending its seven-year run. However, when they turned up, instead of being met by a horde of Molotov-wielding anarchists, they discovered a...

  • Do The Rules Work On Squatters?

    Rule #19: Don’t pay for dinner. Which I am totally nailing cos there is nothing freer than dinner from the dumpster.

  • The Squatters of United Nations Park

    In May 2012, about 1,500 of Nepal’s poorest watched as government workers bulldozed their settlement with riot police standing by to crack any dissenting heads.