• Public Transport Racists are Derailing Australia’s Racism Debate

    In Australia, when the assaults against Indian students happened a few years ago, the government’s response was to remind everyone of their economic importance.

  • Venezuela's Presidential Election Is Getting Violent and Weird

    In a televised speech, Chavez's chosen successor and current interim president Nicolas Maduro said that Chavez had appeared to him as a small bird. “It sang and I responded with a song, and the bird took flight, circled around once and then flew away...

  • World Peace Update

    Last week, the UK and France came so close to having a war about scallops you could almost smell the garlic. I polished my LARPing armor and began practicing my French, but alas, fighting never broke out. Thankfully a bunch of Mexican students, some...

  • "i" Is for Interns

    A report in the Shanghai Daily says that hundreds of students in the city of Huai’an were recently forced to help fulfill iPhone 5 orders.

  • World Peace Update

    While the rest of you have spent the last couple of weeks or so salivating over Usain Bolt's extensive limbs and laughing at London Mayor Boris Johnson's hairdo, I've been researching the ways in which the Olympic spirit has once again failed us. We're...

  • World Peace Update

    Has the human race managed to settle all its differences yet?