super bowl

  • Unreliable Menus: The McGrath Family Super Bowl XLVIII Potluck

    Muriel’s 17-Layer Dip: Beans, clams, bacon, aioli, Cajun croutons, pulled dork, dandruff, gravy, goat cheese, shredded Afternoon Yak transcripts, KY Jam, crushed Abilify, Jenga splinters, gauze, Goldfish crackers, Yemen salmon.

  • Your Super Bowl Questions, Answered

    Something called the “Super Bowl” is happening this weekend. What a crazy name, right? Sounds like what Super Man smokes when he wants to get stoned! Nah, just joshin’ with you—the Super Bowl is a football game! But what's football?

  • Super Bowl Media Day… On Acid!

    As you may or may not know, tripping balls while in the middle of a gaggle of reporters shouting questions two inches away from your ears is the ninth circle of hell. On the other hand, I did get to talk to Artie Lange.

  • Notes from a Hitter: How Football Battered My Brain

    It wasn’t until months after I played my last football game that the ramifications of the multiple concussions I suffered began to surface. The day after a long night of senior-year boozing, I came to in the back of an ambulance, flailing about as a...

  • Clean Zones and Cabbies: How the Super Bowl Screws New Orleans Part 2

    A recent lawsuit has resulted in free speech being restored in the giant "Clean Zone" around the Superdome, but the Super Bowl is still causing hardship for many, including food truck owners and cabbies.

  • How the Super Bowl Screws New Orleans

    For the pleasure of the assholes who will flood New Orleans for the Super Bowl, the city’s working overtime and even dissing Mardi Gras, its oldest tradition and most reliable financial benefactor. Per usual, what the New Orleans government won’t do...