Susan Sontag

  • Μια Σύντομη Ανθολογία «Ρητών»

    Ένας φόρος τιμής, στο τελευταίο κεφάλαιο του «On Photography», της Susan Sontag.

  • Let’s Face It

    Writers are not generally celebrities, but I did have one delirious fan. He kept me on the telephone for hours every night, during a period when I was snorting heroin to cure my insomnia. He terrorized me with idolatry. According to him, I was the only...

  • Flu Season

    Fun fact: After a suicide bombing, forensic investigators immediately “look for the face mask.” The shock waves from an explosion blow the bomber’s head to smithereens but for some reason leave the face intact as a sort of peeled, rubbery pentimento of...

  • Genius in Exile

    Writer James Purdy's work is like a dark underground river that flows undetected through the American landscape and deserves to be waded in.