• I Went to a Japanese Wine Spa

    In Japan, hot springs are at the top of the country's relaxation industry. They're so popular, in fact, that some spas feature flavored hot springs where you can bathe in a warm body of wine, green tea, sake, or coffee.

  • A Mexican In... Tokyo

    Vice: Mexico is on the other side of the globe from Japan. What did you think of Tokyo when you first came?

  • The Vice Global Trend Report 2007

    NEW YORKBOYSBoys here are really hairy lately. A good rule of thumb is shave on Monday and let it grow until Saturday, when it will be perfect.

  • Steak As Fuck You

    Bon vivant/savant genius Chris Lombardi and I recently ate preposterous and stupefying steak in Tokyo. The restaurant, Aragawa, is on the basement floor of an unassuming late-60s apartment building. There's just a tiny food court with two pretty sad...