• Πώς να Αντιμετωπίσετε το Online Tρολάρισμα

    Όταν το τρολάρισμα ξεπερνάει τα όρια του χιούμορ τότε οφείλετε να αντιδράσετε.

  • I'm Being Cyberbullied by Corey Feldman

    As some of you may have seen, I recently wrote an article about attending Corey Feldman's birthday party. Though the article was approved by Corey, he became very mad after its publication. Yesterday, he put out a press release accusing me of...

  • Anatomy of a No. 1 Post on Reddit

    In terms of exposure, it is the modern, DIY, 20-35 demographic equivalent of getting a story on the front page of The New York Times. And it had taken me about 20 minutes to write. Which is why, throughout the day, my moods blew through both euphoric...

  • Impossible Is Dead

    Aleksey Vayner, the Yale graduate who garnered the internet's mistrust for a video résumé he made called “Impossible is Nothing,” has died at the age of 29. According to IvyGate, the website that first reported on his fabrications in 2006, the cause of...

  • More Than Assholes

    A new study explains the indexing method that's on the hunt for the web's anti-trolls.

  • You’re a Pussy if You Think There’s a War on Men

    Some traditionalists are "pissed off" about "women not being women" now because decades ago, lazy men didn’t have to worry about talented women taking their jobs. Now that women can dictate the terms of relationships and don’t need to latch onto a man...