• I Tried to Talk Drugs with the Creator of 'Breaking Bad'

    I spoke with Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan on the phone, within a small window of time punctuated by a fixer who cut me off in the middle of asking him what was his drug of choice.

  • This Anonymous Blogger Loves to Out Western Canadian Gangsters

    An anonymous blogger has made it his virtual mission to reveal the identities and crimes of Western Canadian gangsters.

  • The White Boy Posse: Canada's Violent Neo-Nazi Gang

    The White Boy Posse are a Western Canadian gang who may be responsible for the murder of an innocent mother, along with their usual fare of decapitations and coke slinging.

  • White Rihanna Impersonator vs. Billie JD Porter

    Noisey's Billie JD Porter caught a train to Weston-super-Mare to meet Rihanna tribute act, Donna Ramsdale. Donna is white, which is absolutely fine, since, in Donna's words, "[Rihanna's] from Barbados, and I've been there many, many times."

  • 'Ruff Buttlove' and Other Prison Raps

    This song is basically a true story about two different bonerabelles whose booties I plundered. To all the young bucks reading this: When you go to summer camp, fuck a chick in the ass. No regrets.

  • Witness the Whiteness

    America isn’t so white. But because the collective consciousness moves as fast and elegantly as you do jogging in a hot tub following diazepam and margaritas, whiteness remains understood as this abstract, almost-imaginary but deeply embedded dominant...