• Take a Stroll… with Rob Delaney - We Jumped Off the Manhattan Bridge

    One night in the summer of 1999 I jumped off the Manhattan Bridge. It wasn't a suicide attempt--I had a bungee cord attached to my ankles. But it was still illegal and not part of any tour package or team-building exercise

  • Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - I Wet the Bed

    After being toilet trained and graduating to big-kid underpants, it's common for a child to occasionally wet the bed for a few more years. Most kids are consistently waking up on a dry and cozy mattress by the age of six or seven.

  • Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - I Make Babies

    A little under a year ago I received a picture message from my wife. It was a photo of a smiley face, which was on a stick she'd just peed on. Its appearance meant that she was ovulating, so I sped home from my office, which was five miles away, hoping...

  • Penis Panic!!!

    In 2003, the Middle Eastern Research Institute reported on a new craze sweeping the Sudan.

  • Genius Convention

    In June, the FBI hoisted that banner high over Miami when it threw the first ever Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism Law Enforcement Conference.