25 Ways To Put An Egg On It

Because one egg is never un oeuf.
25 Ways To Put An Egg On It
Photo by Matt Zuras

It’s a fact known the world over—if you put an egg on it, it’s a meal. One of the easiest, cheapest ways to take your food from something that leaves you feeling incomplete to something satisfying is to throw an egg on that ish. It’s pretty hard to totally screw up cooking an egg (like, microwaving it whole will do that, but not much else), so the bar for entry here is also pretty low. But when done right, eggs can truly be transcendent. If you’re looking to improve your culinary chops, consider starting with mastery of the humble egg. Here are our favorite ways to eat ‘em—hard boiled, in an omelette, sunny-side-up on top of grits—to help you get started.


Chipotle Pickled Eggs Recipe

Freddie Janssen wrote the book on pickling. (Literally.) This version puts a smoky chipotle twist on the British classic.

Huaraches Recipe

No, we’re not suggesting you put an egg on your sandals. These fried masa pancakes are just shaped kind of like the shoe bearing the same name. And with black beans and a fried egg, you’ve got yourself lunch.

There is no better use for leftover tortillas or tortilla chips than to smother them in salsa, make them into chilaquiles, and then top them with a sunny-side-up egg. The ultimate hangover breakfast, in our humble opinions.

Sunday Schmooze Recipe

An Action Bronson Original™ comin’ atcha. A little curry powder and fresh curry leaves make for an egg salad like you’ve never seen.

Just a friendly reminder that eggs go great in soup, too. Especially a soup with homemade chicken broth.

Breakfast cannot be made of hash alone. It needs an egg.

Harmony Congee

With sweet potatoes, squash and collards, this bowl is full of stuff that is both good and good for you. Let the warm runny yolk from a soft-boiled egg add to the rich, creaminess of the congee rice.

Shrimp and Grits Recipe

Nina Compton, the award-winning New Orleans chef, would not steer you wrong on shrimp and grits, an iconic Southern dish. If she says put a fried egg on top, you should probably not argue.

Vegetarian Omelette

This is more of a suggestion than a recipe, folks. But once you master the art of rummaging through the fridge to create something edible in omelette form, you have unlocked a new level of self-sufficiency. Gold star for you!


Beef and Pork Minchi Recipe

Minchi is a dish from Macau, a small region of southeastern China, and its history is as complex as that of the territory. The common practice of adding an egg on top may have its roots in Roman Catholicism, with the bright yellow yolk and egg white representing the color contrast of the Holy See's coat of arms.

Some people spend their whole lives perfecting their omelette technique. If you’re going to master one, go for the classic French.

Kottu Roti Recipe

Enough chili pepper, chutney and pickled onions to knock your hangover tf out.

Korean-American chef Deuki Hong will show you how to do obscenely delicious things with some kimchi and leftover takeout rice.

Beans + sausage + egg = breakfast of champions. Spoon some of this up onto crusty toasted bread.

Ultimate Hangover Sandwich Recipe

One day, science will prove what we have all known for a long time—that a runny egg yolk is the panacea for hangovers of all types. And we will be vindicated.

Frittata all'Amatriciana Recipe

Think of frittata as a quiche’s cooler little brother. Way easier to throw together, and everyone likes it better anyway.

Poaching an egg is like a sport, and some people are just way too uncoordinated to do it right. But you should give it a shot anyway, because a poached egg is perfect on toast.

Crack some eggs into this fried rice skillet shakshuka-style.

If you want to piss off all of Italy and put cream in your carbonara, be our guest, but the right way to do it is with a whole bunch of egg yolks.


Steak Tartare Recipe

Be fancy af for your next dinner party with steak tartare, which uses raw egg yolk to bind it together. Serve with crostini.

Croque Madame Recipe

If it were possible for people and sandwiches to legally marry, this would be the one.

Ramos Gin Fizz Recipe

Frothy raw eggs in cocktails can be divisive, but the Ramos gin fizz is such a classic that you’d be remiss to go your whole life without trying one. Live a little!

Moroccan Scramble Recipe

This spicy scramble will make even the most not-morning-person people bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It’s that potent.

Meat-lover's Omelette Recipe

End the tyranny of choice! You can have all the breakfast meats you want in this omelette.

Eggplant and Turnip Ramen Recipe

This ramen from New York chef Marcus Samuelsson is not complete without a perfectly gooey soft-boiled egg.