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Broadly Is Joining the New

Come along with us.
women's heads illustrated
Illustration by Lucy Han.

Today, Broadly is joining the rest of the VICE network as part of a new destination at This means the stories we’ve been passionately committed to telling for four years will live on—and be amplified further.

Broadly was launched in 2015 as VICE’s “women’s interest” channel. Over time, we expanded it into a platform more widely focused on gender and identity. Through award-winning journalism, we've highlighted the stories that often go uncovered by mainstream media, and interrogate the structural failings that contribute to that erasure. We’ve investigated an epidemic of abuse among women during childbirth and the poorly-understood phenomenon of stalking; reported on the impact of the transgender military ban; dug into the future of the feminist movement and the state of women’s rights post #MeToo; and highlighted the human cost of the political threats to our reproductive health. We’ve also listened to stories on queer identities and sexual exploration; raised industry standards for the visual representation of trans and non-binary people; and developed new ways to share personal stories on coping and mental health. You can see more of our favorite stories and initiatives here.

We are committed to raising the bar for media coverage of women's and LGBTQ issues and treating them as what they are: some of the most critical social and political issues of our time. We’re so grateful to everyone who helped build Broadly, and we look forward to expanding all of this coverage—and introducing it to new audiences—on