Alex McClintock

  • Some Guys on Reddit Claim Quitting Porn Is Good for Your Complexion

    According to 60,000 the "fapstonauts" online, abstaining from self-pleasure can result in clear skin, improved confidence, and deeper personal relationships. I signed up for a 30 day trial.

  • Internet Drug Dealers Are Really Nice Guys

    I talked to some of the good people of the Silk Road about Bitcoin and life selling drugs online. They were a little paranoid, understandably, but surprisingly accommodating too.

  • Oscar Pistorius’s Fucked-up Female Fans

    If you make a joke about Chris Brown on social media, you can expect to get harassed by his deranged fan club, #teambreezy. The exact same bizarre thing will happen if you fuck around with South African sprinter/alleged murderer Oscar Pistorius.