Alison Ashe

  • It Takes a Lot of Cow Skulls to Make Good Wine

    Summerhill Winery is known for its world-renowned wines that rely upon the biodynamic method of holistic agriculture. The techniques—which include fermenting flowers inside animal viscera—adhere to an astrological calendar.

  • Animal Rights Activists Don’t Want You to Swing Chickens for God

    On the eve of Yom Kippur, I followed a group of Brooklyn animal rights activists who were protesting Kapparot: the ultra-Orthodox Jewish ceremony of imbuing a live chicken with one’s sins, swinging it over one’s head, and sacrificing it to remove...

  • I Watched Chefs Punch Each Other in the Face for Children

    At Vancouver's Eastside Boxing Club, cooks and bartenders beat the living shit out of one another as part of Aprons for Gloves, a charitable organization that raises funds to benefit local at-risk youth. It's also one hell of a show.