Jesse Pearson

  • Living in Condition Yellow - Part 1

    Hi. I just got back from four days at a firearms training institute in the vicious heat of the Nevada desert, where I learned how to shoot a Glock handgun better, faster, and with more accuracy than probably anybody you know.

  • Living in Condition Yellow - Part 2

    My favorite instructor by far was a man named Craig Bishop. He was ex-Army Special Ops, born in Texas and living in Utah, and he was exactly what I wanted out of a firearms instructor: a funny, leathery, tough son of a bitch...


  • Doomsday Scenarios, Considered

    Mark Reid is senior radio astronomer at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.


  • The Mystery Of B. Traven

    B. Traven is the most shadowy figure in the history of literature. Though there are hordes of Traven theorists and stacks of books written about him, there is still no consensus on his real name, his birthplace, or his exact history.

  • David Lynch

    I am a big-time David Lynch nut. I remember having to steal a copy of Blue Velvet and watch it at a friend’s house because my parents thought it was too sketchy for me to see at 12. I watched each episode of Twin Peaks the night...

  • Elmore Leonard Is the Man

    Let’s just say this: Elmore Leonard, now going on 84 years old, is still cranking out perfectly detailed, thrilling, and hilarious stories of criminals at a pace that’s hard to believe.

  • Nayland Blake

    This guy right here is an artist and a professor and a bear and a pipe man and an S&M switch and—what in hell does all that mean?

  • Hello, I'm A Civil War Reenactor!

    Bill Cross is a Civil War reenactor with a wide range of battles, ranks, and personae under his belt and the current treasurer of the Rowdy Pards “progressive, campaign living history society.”

  • Thomas Cahill Is Saving Civilization

    Over the course of books such as How the Irish Saved Civilization, Sailing the Wine-Dark Seas, and Mysteries of the Middle Ages, historian Thomas Cahill has done more for making ancient history readable and entertaining than all the cobweb-covered...

  • David Thewlis And His Hopeless, Hilarious Fiction

    Even if he hadn’t been the star of maybe our favorite movie of all time, Mike Leigh’s Naked, David Thewlis would still be one of our favorite actors. Not only that, but he’s a great writer.