John Haskell

  • Orgy

    There's a famous line from the movie The Wild Ones. Marlon Brando, playing the part of a motorcycle rebel, has rolled into town, and when a townsperson asks him, "What are you protesting against," he says, "Wha'd ya got?" Although Brando was...

  • Cary Grant On Lsd

    Cary Grant had the persona of a happy-go-lucky guy, but as a human being he must've had conflicts. He said as much when he started taking LSD. This was in the late 1950s, when his acting career had already peaked, his marriages hadn't worked out, and

  • Being A Monster

    These stories are part of a novel I'm writing, and the novel is about how we create the idea of utopia, and then what happens to that idea. We start out with a kind of dissatisfaction, something isn't quite right with the world; it's unjust or unfair...