• Take Your Roomba on a Date to the Robot Film Festival

    The second annual "Robot Film Festival": is tomorrow in New York! Founded by friend of Motherboard and social roboticist "Heather Knight":

  • Katie Paterson Brings You the Universe

    Scottish artist Katie Paterson's "Lightbulb to Simulate Moonlight," which was on view at the recent Frieze New York art fair, is a phone number: you're meant to dial it and hear the sounds coming from an underwater microphone in a glacial lagoon in...

  • Never Forget the Space Monkeys That Made It All Possible

    Humans have had their sights set on visiting the stars for millennia, but we weren’t the first Earthlings to leave the confines of our planet. Before we grew the cojones to actually strap ourselves to our massive space-bound rockets, we enlisted some...

  • American Kisses Spacecraft Monogamy Goodbye

    In April 2010, President Obama said, "nobody is more committed to manned space flight, to human exploration of space, than I am." He called for more robotic exploration, extending the life of the ISS, and bringing in private contractors to create the...

  • The Science of Facebook Likes, the Viral Web, and Charlie Sheen: a Q+A With Yury Lifshits

    A few weeks ago, "Yury Lifshits":, a young scientist at the Web-obsessed data den "Yahoo! Labs":, quietly published the "Like Log Study":

  • Data Science is Really Cool

    If you are not convinced of this, then you clearly have not seen Deb Roy’s recent TED talk about collecting 200 gigabytes of sound and video of his toddler "learning how to use words":