Kristen Cochrane

  • Why Did We All Want to Kill Our Sims?

    Remember taking the ladder out of the pool and leaving them to tire out and drown? Or intentionally setting their homes on fire and removing all the doors? This is why you did that.

  • Is a Fridge Full of Free Semen “Art?”

    Apparently yes, it is, but it’s also a biohazard and might be confiscated and destroyed.

  • A Big Night Out in... Orlando!

    I’m a Canadian living in Orlando with acquaintances who're always going on about some thing called "the party bus.” I know this is Florida, and when you look at a satellite map of America, it kinda looks like its prolapsed anus, but surely the party...

  • How to Survive Prison if You Are a Princess

    Hey princesses who read VICE, here's what to expect if you ever get sent to the slammer.