Michael Sieben

  • Simpler Times

    In 1987 you could make the cover of 'Thrasher' just by bending down and grabbing your skateboard with both hands.

  • Skate It or Hang It?

    It's a tough question that was answered in Atlanta last weekend.

  • Respect Mom Butts

    Back when I was twelve, I would have punched your mom in the butt if you told me that one day I'd be included in a skateboard graphics retrospective with Jim Phillips.

  • I Get It, It's a Cat

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, super detailed monumental dinosaur sculpture wrinkles are going to be the next big thing with the kids.

  • Anarchy and Jesus Fish?

    Here's some musty dusty stuff I dug up at my parents' house over Memorial Day weekend that makes me get all teary and nostalgic.

  • The Weird Is Wearing Thin

    Anybody got a jam box I can borrow? And some Kleenex? (For tears, not for anything gross.)

  • You Never Know When Radical Is Going to Strike

    We went to a skatepark and some professional-level skateboarding happened with some amateur-level photography to accompany it.

  • This Looks Like a Good Place to Get Murdered

    If you like looking at scenic pictures of Texas, read/look at this. If not, get back on Facebook and make a clever comment about your friend's new hairdo/tattoo/sandwich.

  • Hey, Hold My Beer

    There's a saying that goes something like this: What do you usually hear just before somebody dies in the South? "Hey, hold my beer."

  • Stop Your Whining

    Skateboarders complain about skateboarding becoming too mainstream. But there's always going to be rad creative kids skating, so focus on them instead of the X-Games.

  • The Idiot Days

    The smell of waffle cones wafting out of this place brought me back to a time when I wore pants that were five sizes too big and t-shirts that were two sizes too small.

  • Young, Dumb, and Rad

    Jeremy Fish is in Austin this week to paint over my mural (jerk).