Simon Klose

  • Food Hacking: Laser Bacon

    Simon visits Kentaro Fukuchi, a professor who wants to fuse cutting-edge technology with the Japanese tradition of eating raw meat.

  • Food Hacking: Recipe Network

    Simon Klose visits computer programmer Yui Kita who’s developed a software that can compose new untried food pairings through a recipe network.

  • Video Game Cuisine in Tokyo Is Seasoned with Tech Nostalgia

    Fun, sophisticated, and outright stupid, Tokyo's video game-themed cuisine is based on nostalgia fused with pop culture and food.

  • Food Hacking: Talking Tomatoes

    Simon Klose meets an advertising agency that makes organic vegetables that speak to customers with the voices of their farmers.

  • Food Hacking: Food Perfume

    One food hacker demonstrates how to change the taste of food by spraying it with perfume.

  • Food Hacking: Electric Fork

    Simon visits the inventor Hiromi Nakamura, who is researching the concept of "electric taste." Hiromi has developed a fork and cup that zap your taste buds with electrical currents to make food taste saltier. We wanted to experience the shock ourselves.