Tom Dunon

  • The Downsides Of Cocaine

    A few weeks ago I got a call from my dad saying my cousin had been murdered in a Colombian cartel slaying. He was found in a jeep abandoned on a highway, its engine still running, along with two other bodies.

  • Say Whaaat?

    Deaf people feel music. They can feel vibrations from the beats and the bass. But for deaf kids to want to get up and dance, it has to be LOUD.

  • Kill Whitey

    I met one of the chief radical Muslim clerics in Londonistan, Sheik Mohammed Al-Massari.

  • So Def!

    Yo. The UK hip-hop scene's always been hotter than Skinnyman's kitchen knives, but sadly it's been a totally GAY-FREE ZONE.

  • What’s With All The Weird Diseases?

    The 19th century wasn’t good to the Chinese and remnants of their “I am so fucking hungry I will eat anything” culture still exist today.