For many critics and movie-lovers great filmmakers can be separated into one of two groups: Hollywood directors who make great, artful cinema for a popular audience despite commercial demands...

  • A Twitch In Time

    Daito Manabe is a Japanese video artist who sticks half a dozen electrodes onto his face, synchs them all up to a blippy homemade soundtrack, and proceeds to electrocute himself into a choreography of grimaces and twitches.

  • Hair Hats

    When the Japanese hairstylist Shinji Konishi first molded wigs into the likenesses of assorted animals for a gallery show in Tokyo in 2008, he hoped repulsion would trump all else.

  • You Do Have To Live Like A Refugee

    In that age-old contest, that heroic battle of champions to decide which country has the world’s premier internet cafés, none can truly compete with Japan and its facilities.

  • Comfort Food

    As with everything else they do, the girls in Japan take it just that little bit too far, right up to the point where it’s basically obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • Who's Hungry?

    On the afternoon of June 12, 1981, a Japanese man named Issei Sagawa walked into the woods in Bois de Boulogne, France, carrying two suitcases.


    Vice: I hear you only draw with ballpoint pens and permanent markers.

  • Nobuyoshi Araki

    There lives in Japan a relentless monster who has released 450 photo books-and still continues to take photographs every day. His name is Nobuyoshi Araki.

  • Shintaro Kago Turns Shit Into Gold

    Millions of tons of manga, in all shapes, forms, and colors, have been flying out of Japan every day forever.