Whoadie Allen

  • Glossin'

    Minus the bamboo earrings, Lil Mama is the around-the-way girl LL always dreamed of. This 16-year-old shorty woke up one morning, skipped class, and wrote a rap about her lip gloss. The result is a massive hit packed with references to high school...

  • Reunited!

    For the record, Vice published the first-ever definition of the expression “bling bling” and we got it straight from the horse’s mouth. The year was 1999, and the interviewee was B.G., slang innovator and member of the world’s only gangsta boy band...

  • No Tricks, No Treats

    We said it over five years ago: all of Three 6 Mafia's records sound like a black License to Ill. Similar 808 beats, same themes: freaky intercourse, substance abuse, and debauched partying. In a southern context, DJ Paul and Juicy J's...

  • Shook One

    Can you believe the man who holds the 1992 Guinness record for the world's fastest rapper has never been anywhere?

  • Sound Design

    After years of record label limbo, uneven record sales, and breakups-to-makeups with his partner Capone, Lefrak lyricist Noreaga finally got his mind right.

  • I Still Can't Buy Versace

    The queen of Spanish Harlem.

  • Crazy Like A Fox

    Back in 1995, Kim was a little girl dressed all in black, surrounded by a bunch of goons in a Junior M.A.F.I.A. ad.