Zoot Simms

  • Commercial-free

    Although he was barely out of diapers when Kool Moe Dee battled Busy Bee, hip hop archeologist Edan has such a knowledge and passion for the music that you'd think he unearthed it himself. Reluctant to be labeled a rap expert, Edan's insight into the...

  • Dead Brothers

    Its been almost three years since Roger Troutman, funk pioneer and leader of Zapp, was killed in a murder/suicide by his brother Larry.

  • The Peas Are Mushy And The Chicken Tastes Like Wood

    If the hip hop world had to write a graduate-level thesis paper it would probably be handled by New York lyricist Aesop Rock. A power-packed orator with a vocabulary level above the 99th percentile, his compositions are laid so thick and introspective...