• Savage Beloved

    This week I got drunk with my friends and we all read a book that explores the moral quandaries that arise when red dick meets white pussy.

  • Shunga

    Japanese porn is fantastic, probably because everyone in that entire country is fucking insane.

  • A Chat with a Cliteratress

    Usually when I think about romance writers, I picture sad middle-aged women sitting in paisley-printed divans, nursing their pet kittens from their own saggy tits. Laura Moore is not this.

  • The Princess and the Penis

    While sex toys aren't really my clam's jam, now and then I stumble upon a contraption cute enough to arouse my curiosity.

  • Frisk

    Allow me to wipe the crusted shit from your nostrils, you Dennis Cooper ass-eaters, and tell you that 'Frisk' didn't do a goddamn thing for me.

  • Georges Bataille

    Georges Bataille is the smartest sick fuck you'll ever read. If you don't know who he is, imagine Nietzsche and Julia Kristeva violently copulating while the Marquis de Sade showers piss up their nostrils and Susan Sontag films the whole thing with...