• I Tried Joining the French Foreign Legion

    Late last year, I decided it would be a good idea to join one of the only militaries comprised mostly by foreign nationals. A one-way plane ticket, a couple of layovers, and 22 hours of traveling later, I found myself in Aubagne, France.

  • I Refused to Join the Israeli Defense Forces

    Late last year, Moriel spent time in a military prison for refusing to live out his childhood dream of being a military commando. Military service in Israel is mandatory by law for Jewish youth. Yet, only around half of those eligible enlist and many...

  • Escape from North Korea - Hanawon Resettlement Center

    Before a defector can officially become a member of South Korean society, he or she must complete a program at the Hanawon Resettlement Center.

  • The Defector

    He steps through the splintered front door of an apartment building, leans stoop-shouldered against a charred wall. Twenty years old. Gashes of stubble on his drawn cheeks, sharp chin. A sweatshirt too big for his narrow chest. Jeans, sneakers. Brown...