• Russia Hates Western Condoms

    Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade now supports restricting the import of Western-made rubbers, which health officials say will promote "discipline" and make Russians more "selective in their choice of partners."

  • Mexican Cartels Are Going High-Tech

    The war on drugs isn't just fought with bullets. Recent announcements from Mexican authorities show that cartels are developing increasingly advanced networks of information technology.

  • Scientists Strand Chimps on Remote Archipelago

    The New York Blood Center, a prominent blood bank that usually spends its time saving lives and trying to cure diseases, recently abandoned dozens of research chimps on a chain of islands in Liberia.

  • The Industrial Rock Band Laibach Performed in North Korea Last Month

    "Both the country and the band have been portrayed as some fascist outcasts. The truth is that both are misunderstood," said the tour organizer.

  • Peru Announced Plans to Send an Envoy to an Uncontacted Tribe

    Peru recently announced plans for its first official contact with the Mashco-Piro people. Local officials had long opposed interacting with the group, one of Peru's 15 uncontacted tribes, which know of the wider world but remain aloof from it.

  • Sweden’s Racist Band-Aids

    "I don't think the color is the problem. The issue is that they come in only one shade, and that [shade] is called 'skin-colored.'"