• Graduate Student Strikes Are Spreading in California

    Inspired by UC Santa Cruz, grad students at UC Santa Barbara are the latest to go on a 'wildcat' strike, in a wave of labor unrest sweeping California's public universities.

  • We'll Always Have School Shootings Because We Really Really Love Guns

    The NRA may be a bloated, possibly corrupt, excessively powerful lobbying force, but it's also the mouthpiece of a fandom more widespread than Bronies, Trekkies, and Furries combined and multiplied by a hundred.

  • Offline Activism Is the Tricky Part for #YesAllWomen

    Over the weekend, an offshoot of the American Revolutionary Communist Party organized a series of #YesAllWomen-based rallies in Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, and San Francisco. The tweets were better.

  • The Week In GIFs

    Sup, dawg? I'll tell you sup: The Week In GIFs. GIF OR DIE, DAWG!!!

  • The Equation Explaining Oil's Fear of Water

    Everyone knows oil and water don't mix. It's a simple concept, sure, but the hydrophobic interactions between fats and water are crucial to the mechanics of microbiology. The weird thing is, the base theories of chemistry suggest that there's no reason...