The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Mom Bought Her Daughter 12 Bags of Cocaine to Celebrate Her 18th Birthday

Their plan was to do it in a limo on the way to London, but police found out and busted them.
Joel Golby
Britain Is a Weird Place

I Went to Diggerland: Britain's Magical Theme Park Dedicated to Excavators

Lifting up giant piles of dirt with a massive metal bucket makes you feel like God in a hi-vis jacket.
Joe Bish
Election '15

We Met the Heroin-Loving Pranksters Running Against the UKIP

VICE is driven blindfolded to the secret HQ of the Al-Zebabist Nation of OOOG, who are running against Farage in South Thanet, Kent.
Gavin Haynes
Adventures in UKIP Country

When Did England Abandon Its East Coast?

A new four-part series looks at England's misunderstood eastern side, starting with Margate and Dover.
Tim Burrows

What It's Like to Go to an Elite Private School in the London Suburbs

My attempts to ascend the British class system were less like climbing a ladder and more like walking under one and getting crushed by it.
Lucy Hancock

The Man Who Organized a Protest Outside Nigel Farage's Pub Is Getting Death Threats

The UK election is getting a little heated.
Michael Segalov

The Paranoid Style in British Politics: Inside the UKIP Spring Conference

Global warming denial, homophobic literature, and leaflets claiming that foreign aid is actually spent on "giving dance lessons to Africans" were just the tip of the iceberg.
Michael Segalov
The Humongous Fungus Among Us Issue

Portraits of the Diverse People Living in Britain's Run-Down Seaside Towns

They’re simultaneously places where people long to be and long to leave.
Clive Martin

Photos from the Fake Town Where London Cops Train for Riots

The place is much like a film set—many of the peripheral buildings are just facades, while those at the "city center" are a lot more developed in order to give the trainees more varied terrain.
James Rawlings