How to Treat Waiters, According to Waiters

"Diet Coke" is not a greeting.


RBMA Radio Relaunches as a 24-Hour Service

The new schedule features shows from Kindness, Teklife, DâM-FunK, Mixpak, and more.


This Is Why Women Only Want to Be Friends with Empathetic Men

A new study shows boys with higher empathy have nearly double the number of female friends.


How Pop Music Is Stepping Up to Share the Untold Stories of the Refugee Crisis

As the crisis is repeatedly reported in the British media through scares, statistics and costs, artists like MIA, PJ Harvey and Kindness are expressing the untold stories through their music.


Kindness Shares Two Smoking New Kelela Edits

He missed the 'Hallucinogen Remixes' EP deadline, but we're thrilled these are still seeing the light of day.


We Talk Past, Present, and Pop with the Original Architect of Disco: Giorgio Moroder

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Noisey's Best and Worst of 2014 - Kim Taylor Bennett

The Grammys, underbutt, Sylvan Esso, Warren G, T Swift, Jessie Ware, chocolate penises in the post—it's been a weird year.


Joakim's Remix of Kindness and Robyn's "Who Do You Love?" Is Heavenly

The Frenchman transforms the original into a gospel-influenced house track for the ages.


I Walked Around London, Knocked on Strangers' Doors, and Asked if I Could Stay the Night

Has the recent influx of stranger-meeting services like Airbnb and Tinder normalized the idea of housing people we barely know, or do we just do it more now because it usually ends in either sex or an exchange of money?


Watch the Time-Traveling Video For Joakim's "This Is My Life," And Listen to a Kindness Remix

"In 1986, I fell in love with a Vietnamese girl."