macro photography


Clouds of Colourful Ink Cover a Flower in Mesmerising Macro Footage

A team of macro photography filmmakers experimented with ink in water and the result is breathtaking.


Patterns of Life Emerge in Petri Dish Macro Videography

An “organic pattern machine” creates complex mesh domes out of fluids in Roman De Giuli’s new macro video.


Explore a Terraformed Micro World in ‘Ecosynthesis’

Multimedia artist Philip Klawitter returns with a new orbital video of a micro planet with its own thriving ecosystem of moss, larvae, and spiders.


Watch Stunning Soap Bubbles Freeze at -15°C

You'll never want to pop a soap bubble again.


Macro Footage of Liquid Morphs in Susi Sie's New Music Video

An abstract fluid cosmos emerges in Susi Sie's new video for "Sleepless," by Pan-Pot featuring L.O.U.


Suspended Liquids Become Cosmic Landscapes in Susie Sie's New Video

'ECHOES' looks like the surface of Neptune—no VFX necessary.


Freshly Fallen Snowflakes Make for Stunning Close-Up Photos

Here's how photographer Alexey Kljatov captures his macro images of snow crystals.


Ink Morphs Into Liquid Landscapes In Susi Sie's Stunning New Video

The new video from the director of Glitch Mob's "Becoming Harmonious" features more gorgeous cymatic visuals.


Glitch Mob's New Video Is An Extreme Close-Up Of Vibrating Water

"Becoming Harmonious," directed by Susi Sie, matches Nature's refined elegance to gorgeous glitch dubstep.


Sublime Macro Photographs Of Butterfly Wings

Photographer Linden Gledhill captures nature's hidden beauty with a macro focusing rail.


Bask In The Eerie Simplicity Of Microscopic Worlds With 'Confluence'

The newest video from Noah Shulman and Timur Civan brings miniature worlds to life.