school shooting

The FBI Is Searching for a Columbine-Obsessed Woman Who Flew to Colorado and Bought a Shotgun

She forced all Denver-area schools into lockdown a few days ahead of the massacre's 20th anniversary.
Tess Owen
4 days ago
Proud Boys

The Proud Boys' new leader was sitting right behind Trump at his Miami rally

He was wearing a "Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong" T-shirt.
Tess Owen
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Some Uber Drivers Are Reportedly Scamming Passengers with Fake Vomit

So they can charge a $150 "cleaning fee."
River Donaghey

The Insane Saga of the Fake Saudi Prince Who Scammed Miami's Rich and Famous

A career con-artist, Anthony Gignac got busted over and over again, but kept finding new prey in America's capital city of fraud.
Francisco Alvarado
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This Guy Seems Pretty Chill for Being Trapped on the Hood of a Speeding Car

He chatted away on his cell phone while he clung to the thing with one hand—in sandals.
Drew Schwartz
Jersey Shore

The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Said 'I've Changed' Countless Times on the Premiere

A handy, time-stamped guide of each time a cast member said they're a new person. Literally, we counted every single time.
Alex Norcia
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This Road Rage Video Is Very Florida

Miami achieves peak Miami.
Allie Conti

Miami's Wild Bitcoin Scene Doesn't Care About Your 'Bubble'

Despite warnings from experts and haters and the occasional plummet in value, the Magic City is going all-in.
Francisco Alvarado
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This Guy Got Lost at Miami's Airport and Somehow Wound Up on the Tarmac

He was arrested Monday after reportedly trying to take a shortcut by jumping a fence and sprinting across the runway.
Drew Schwartz
Freedman Files

Vintage Photos Capture the Beautiful Seediness of Miami Beach

Jill Freedman's decade-long residency captures the astronomical wealth, tackiness, and homelessness on America's favourite beach.
Cameron Cuchulainn
Jill Freedman

'Scarface' Was Inspired by This Lavish, Coke-Fuelled Hotel

The de-facto headquarters for Miami's cocaine trade was a dangerous, opulent place where the underworld mixed it up with celebrities.
Seth Ferranti

The Guys Cashing in on Hurricane Irma's Boat Destruction

The historic storm made a mess of the fleets of ships in Miami's Biscayne Bay. Now salvagers are looking for a windfall.
Francisco Alvarado