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'Serious Man,' Today's Comic by Jana Vasiljevic

A business man is serious. A business man has a computer.
Jana Vasiljević

These Trippy Collages Got Phillip Kremer Kicked Off of Social Media (Twice)

The artist reconstructs celebrity portraits out of seemingly random imagery.
Masha (Maria) Koblyakova

Remembering Jabberjaw, the Coolest LA Music Venue You've Never Heard Of

How a cramped rock club with no backstage and no liquor license became the unlikely hub of the LA DIY scene.
Jacob Harper
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Owner of the 'Goonies' House Has Shut It Down Because You Guys Are Assholes

After complaining about an onslaught of visitors and their constant littering, the annoyed homeowner finally shut down visitor access to the beloved movie landmark.
Michael Cuby

Hanging Out with the Godmother of the Cuban Punk Rock Scene

At a time when all the rockers in Cuba were outcasts, Maria Gattorno made a place for them. Now she heads up the government-sanctioned Cuban Rock Agency and has resurrected the Cuban rock scene.
Daniel Oberhaus

Community TV in Australia Has Days Left to Survive

And here is why you should care, even though you probably still won't.
Lee Zachariah
Here Be Dragons

I Got My Personal Genome Mapped and It Was Bullshit

Before the FDA forced personal genomics company 23andMe to stop marketing its tests to the public, customers would send a spit sample to the firm, who would sequence the DNA and look for genes indicating a risk of up to 254 diseases and conditions...
Martin Robbins