Why Are You Doing That?

We Went to a Beer Can Collector's Paradise and Asked Them 'Why?'

A lot of beer can collectors don't even drink beer.
Angela Skujins
Black Women Making History

The Amazing Vintage Shop That Celebrates Black History Every Day

BLK MKT Vintage co-founders Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart are decolonizing vintage shopping one antique at a time.
Genel Ambrose
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

JME Gave a Rare Interview... to the Official Pokémon Channel About How Good Pokémon Is

Gather, children, and listen to story of how JME went from no shiny charizards to lots of shiny charizards.
Noisey Staff
Noisey Redactie

Metallica's Kirk Hammett Has Way Too Many Skeletons in His Closet

We spoke with the legendary metal guitarist about his lifelong obsession of collecting horror memorabilia, from vintage toys to old school movie posters.
Giaco Furino
prehistoric capitalism

The Greatest Sports Card Collection Ever Is Finally Where Everyone Can See It

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has owned the greatest card collection ever for nearly 70 years, and kept it mostly out of sight. Now, slowly, it is arriving online.
Joe DeLessio

Inside the Intense, Competitive World of AOL Disc Collecting

Most people threw out all those "50 Hours Free!" CD-ROMs that were everywhere in the 90s, but a select few collectors made it their mission to hoard hundreds or thousands of the discs.
Arielle Pardes

Meet the UK's Most Obsessive Board Game Collectors

One has over 2,700 board games in his house, and estimates the collection is worth over $125,000.
James Read

The Complex, Tragic Psychology Behind Animal Hoarding

Why is it that there are constant news stories about people who cage or cram hundreds of pets into their homes? Sometimes it's animal cruelty, but it could also be attributed to a specific mental illness.
Amelia Tait