The VICE Morning Bulletin

Immigration center-stage at Trump's first state of the union, executive order breathes new life into Gitmo, CIA boss said to have met with Russian spy chief, and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

US, South Korea, and North Korea test missiles, 44 states refuse to release some details to Trump's election commission, Joey Chestnut wins hot dog eating contest again, and more.


How the Military Is Failing Its Guards at Guantánamo Bay

Navy vet Andrew Turner said he suffers from PTSD after the military left him unprepared for the brutal verbal and physical abuse he endured while serving as a high-level guard at the detention center.


The Shadowy Process Behind Guantánamo Bay Detainee Release Rulings

With the help of the Freedom of Information Act, we got a look at the secretive process of how Guantánamo detainees are evaluated for a second chance at freedom.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, an Arizona man has been convicted of conspiring to support an Islamic State attack, experts say Trump's grammar is just below 6th grade level, North Korea has defied UN sanctions again and fired ballistic missiles, and more.


Supreme Court Rejects Harper Government's Argument That Omar Khadr Was an Adult When He Was Child Soldier

The question before the court was whether Khadr's eight-year sentence handed to him by the US military in 2010 was an adult sentence or a youth sentence.


The Feds Are Suing New York City Because Rikers Island Is a Hellhole

US Attorney Preet Bharara says Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking too long to reform the notoriously horrific collection of jails.


What Happens When I Try to Give My Guantánamo Guards Presents

I once gave a guard a gift, if you can consider chocolate milk a gift. He refused it with a fierce look, as if I were trying to bribe him.


The Prosecutor

Morris Davis was the third Chief Prosecutor of the Guantánamo military commissions. His job was to direct the efforts to prosecute the detainees.


Younous Chekkouri: My Road to Guantánamo

I guess my tragedy starts from that first day when I was captured by bounty hunters.