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A radical anti-immigration group infiltrated the GOP. Now it’s in the White House.

FAIR enjoys broad support among Republican lawmakers and unprecedented influence in the Oval Office. A cadre of former staffers and allies fill the Trump administration’s highest ranks, and FAIR’s ideas are profoundly shaping national immigration...


How Undocumented Immigrants Are Getting Involved This Election

Fearful of an election result that could have dire consequences for them, many undocumented immigrants and the family members of undocumented immigrants have been pushing for citizens to register and vote.


Did Melania Trump Immigrate to the US Illegally for a Nude Photo Shoot?

The wife of the presidential candidate hellbent on keeping "illegal immigrants" out of the US may have once technically been one herself.


What a Reagan-Era Policy Can Teach Us About US Immigration Reform Today

Immigrants look back on what's changed—and what hasn't changed—since the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.


Will the Supreme Court Finally Kill Obama's Immigration Reforms?

The justices will once again determine the fate of the president's domestic policy legacy.


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In the GOP's alternate universe of mass deportations and anchor babies and IRS agents patrolling the border, what does it mean to be a conservative who supports immigration reform?


We Asked an Expert What Would Happen if America Actually Banned 'Anchor Babies'

What if the next president could just swish his star-spangled magic wand and end birthright citizenship once and for all?


What Every Republican Gets Wrong About Immigration

Amid all the right-wing hysteria over amnesty and border security, the GOP doesn't seem to have noticed that the threat they promise to eliminate isn't much of a threat anymore.


Happy New Year! Here's a Bunch of Bad Shit That's About to Happen

It's time to stop worrying about all the terrible things that happened globally and locally in 2014, and focus on speculating about the terrible things that will probably happen in 2015


Obama Has Saved 5 Million Illegal Immigrants from Deportation – Now What?

Republicans are already losing their minds over the president's new executive order.


What Republicans Really Mean When They Talk About Immigration

It's easy to chalk up the GOP's hard right midterm turn on immigration to conservative fearmongering and vague doomsday panic, that's not the whole story.


Immigrants Are Going to Have to Keep Waiting for Change

Obama promised he would stop deporting so many people. Instead, he's started deporting more, and there's little hope left that he'll live up to his promises before his term ends.