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Daryl Hall's 1994 World Cup Song Was So Bad That It Should Be in a Museum

What can Daryl Hall, Diana Ross, OJ Simpson, and a Mancunian indie band can teach us about the summer of 94?
Alex Robert Ross

O.J. Simpson on Colin Kaepernick Protest: 'He Made a Bad Choice Attacking the Flag'

Thanks for the input, O.J.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Break Down That Old O.J. Simpson Interview

In 2006, O.J. shared how he "hypothetically" committed murder in between bits of laughter.
Sarah Bellman
OJ Simpson

O.J. describes grisly details of murder he definitely did not commit in 2006 interview

"I do remember that portion, taking a knife from Charlie,” O.J. Simpson said during the interview.
Alex Lubben

I Watched a Hologram of Ray J Host a Terrible 'Freakshow'

Holographic Billie Holiday and Kato Kaelin were also there for some reason.
Megan Koester
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

At least 50 killed in Las Vegas shooting, Catalonia votes to break from Spain despite police violence, Trump at odds with State Department over North Korea, and more.
VICE Staff
Views My Own

I Cheered for Floyd Mayweather Because We’re Both Black Men and I Regret It

And it's deeper than just skin colour. It's also the systems that make that an issue.
Noel Ransome

O.J.'s Former Agent Wants More Than $500K for Getaway Bronco

The car has been collecting dust at a crime museum in Tennessee.
Liam Daniel Pierce
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump explores pardons for Russia investigation, O.J. Simpson wins early release from prison, US said to be banning travel to North Korea, and more.
VICE Staff
OJ Simpson

Parole Officer at O.J. Hearing Wearing Chiefs Tie Was Appropriately Absurd

One of the members of the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners was wearing a Kansas City Chiefs tie during O.J. Simpson's hearing, which was just the weirdest thing of an already weird event.
Sean Newell
The VICE Guide to Right Now

OJ Simpson Is Getting Out of Prison Early

After winning parole, the disgraced football star could be released from prison as early as October 1.
Drew Schwartz

O.J. Simpson was just granted parole

Carter Sherman