News of Zealand

A Mystery Genius is Riding a Bike Around Wellington Inside a Box

Are portable cardboard shelters the hack all Wellingtonians need to survive the city's weather?
Zoe Madden-Smith

This New Zealand Lecturer Gets Hate Mail For Doing His Job

Police are investigating the racist rants that turn up in Vini Olsen-Reeder's inbox.
Kahu Kutia
Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

New Zealand Artist Rei is Pushing the Boundaries of Māori Music

"There is no existential crisis about whether te reo belongs in a trap song. The language is our treasure, and we have a right to use it as we wish."
Kahu Kutia
Australia Today

Stoned Kiwi Breaks Into Zoo, Gets Bashed By Tiny Monkeys

The 23-year-old copped a broken leg, two fractured teeth, a sprained ankle, and multiple bruises.
Gavin Butler
News of Zealand

Victoria University Is Home To New Zealand’s Hardest Law Degree

Aspiring Wellington lawyers are failed more than those at any other university.
Zoe Madden-Smith

Students at Wellington's Victoria University Have Launched a #MeToo Blog

The university was recently accused of bungling harassment complaints against a chemistry tutor.
Laetitia Laubscher

Trans Teen Awa is Telling Her Own Story Now

We spoke to Te Awarangi Puna about transitioning to female, being followed by a film crew, depression, drama school and being outed on Facebook by a friend.
Felix Desmarais
I am Māori, I am Modern

Building an Urban Marae for Gang Members, Wanderers and the Displaced

Pare Sannyasi is continuing the work her dad started in Wellington 40 years ago.
Kahu Kutia
Lee Ralph

VICE Meets New Zealand's First Skate Legend

Lee Ralph on what skating has given him, and what skating has to give the world.
Ally Su'a
News of Zealand

News of Zealand: Wellington Landlords Drive Rents Higher

Whatever you can pay, they'll take it. Plus the government wants to cut down on our wasteful ways and the fishing industry avoids video scrutiny.
95 bFM
VICE Staff

Celebrating a Transgender Childhood in New Zealand

Bella Simpson, 21, has been publicly out as a trans woman for 10 years.
Frances Morton
News of Zealand

News of Zealand: Protesters Blockade Wellington Weapons Expo

Plus thousands of faulty airbags not being fixed, marae teams up with companies to help homeless and coalition talks go on and on.
95 bFM
VICE Staff