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The Cult of Andy Murray

Andy Murray carried the weight of British expectation for more than a decade, without ever really capturing the people's hearts. But he didn't seem to care – and that makes him prime cult material.
David Whelan

Evil Irish Turnips Were the Original Jack-O'-Lanterns

Before pumpkins, turnips were the spooky lantern vegetable of choice—all because this guy Jack skipped out on his bar bill and messed with the Devil.
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mould breaker

The Cult: Andy Murray

Andy Murray has carried the weight of British expectation for more than a decade without ever really capturing the people's hearts. But he doesn't seems to care – and that makes him prime Cult material.
David Whelan

Why We Should All Be More Pretentious

As an insult, pretentiousness says more about the accuser than the accused.
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2016 six nations

2016 Six Nations: European Rugby's Toy Story 3 Moment

This year's Six Nations is European rugby's Toy Story 3 moment. The teams are old and battered, everyone around them has grown up, but there is still enough intrigue to reinvigorate the franchise.
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embrace the evil

Novak Djokovic, I Can Make You Loved

It's not your fault you're by far the best player on the planet right now, Novak, nor that people can't beat you – but it doesn't help us love you.
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VICE vs Video games

‘The Witness’ Is 2016’s First Absolutely Essential Video Game

Jonathan Blow's comeback is a magical achievement that has little to do with video gaming precedent.
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A Whirlwind Tour of the World's MREs

The rather clumsily named Meal, Ready-to-Eat is as varied as a whirlwind tour of the planet—with every nation employing its very worst chefs to come up with country-specific ways to punish those who would give their lives in the name of the flag.
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Preppers Taught Me How to Eat When the World Ends

In England, the concept of “prepping”— the study of survivalism and preparation for the end of the world—seemed a curious American pursuit, like aerosol cheese or the Kardashians. I spoke to two very different preppers to understand how they plan to...
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What Does Our Obsession With True Crime Podcasts Say About Us?

Everyone's an armchair detective now. And sometimes it doesn't sit comfortably.
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We Spoke to a Guy from the Restaurant That Serves Poo-Flavoured Curry

Japanese porno god Ken Shimizu’s Curry Shop Shimizu restaurant serves nothing but shit-flavoured curry. We called one of his disciples to find out why and how—but mostly just: what the fuck was he thinking?
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The Artists Explaining Their Multiple Sclerosis Through Art

Artists Kirsty Stevens and Hannah Laycock tackle the knowledge gap that surrounds MS by creating art that is tangible and accessible.
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