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climate change

Fossil Fuel Giants Should Be Terrified of Becoming the Next Big Tobacco

ExxonMobil can afford the monetary damages at stake in a suit from New York State. But its reputation might not survive.
Geoff Dembicki

People Suspected of Witchcraft Are Still Being Persecuted and Killed

An international group of advocates are urging the UN to do something about the ostracisation and violence.
Manvir Singh
The Borders Issue 2019

The Hidden Stress of Growing Up a Child of Immigrants

Though immigrants come from a variety of backgrounds, there are certain stressors that US-born children of immigrants have in common.
Nicole Clark
Drugs Addiction

Vape-Related Deaths Are Scaring People Back into Smoking Cigarettes

"I realised that if I'm going to die from nicotine, I'd rather have it be at age 60 from cancer than 24 from my lungs exploding or whatever."
Alex Norcia

True Self-Care Is Not About You

The concept is marketed as an isolating, individual activity, but the best self-care is learning to take care of each other.
Angie Jaime
Scam Academy

I Make £800 a Week Writing Essays for Lazy Students

Helping kids scam schools has turned into a full-time job for me.

How to Have Money

Once you have it there are a lot of things you can do with it. Kate Carraway is here to steer you in the right direction.
Kate Carraway

Experts Predict if AOC Will End Up Becoming President

A look back at the long history of young political stars.
Mark Hay

The Anatomy of Empathy

Joel Salinas can literally feel his patients' pain. But as scientists are learning, there's more to empathy than just mirroring someone else.
Shayla Love
so sad today

It Sucks That Fantasy Isn’t Reality: Advice from So Sad Today

With a stranger, there are so many empty spaces we get to fill with our imagination, but as we get to know a person better, there are less blanks.
So Sad Today
The Truth and Lies Issue

How the 'Mandela Effect' Theory of False Memories Took Over the Internet

Have you misremembered the spellings of childhood favorites like 'The Berenstain Bears', Froot Loops and Jif peanut butter? This theory explains why.
Roisin Kiberd
How to Exist OK

Anxiety Is Our New Religion

Psychoanalyst Jamieson Webster explains why everyone's on meds and no one's fucking.
Gideon Jacobs