Adam Curtis


Watch a Short Film Adam Curtis Made for VICE About Your Life

Here's 'Living in an Unreal World: A Film By Adam Curtis for Readers of VICE', featuring some of the footage from the documentarian's next BBC piece.


WATCH: An Exclusive Clip from Adam Curtis’ New Documentary, ‘HyperNormalisation’

The film, out this week, asks if we have become lost in an unreal world.


[New Books] Charting the Massive Visual History of Massive Attack

'3D and the art of Massive Attack' explores the band's visual style, including collaborations with UVA and Adam Curtis.


A Conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Douglas Coupland and Shumon Basar

We talked to the curator, author and writer about their new philosophy book The Age of Earthquakes, FKA Twigs and Generation Z's perception of time.


Sifting for Gold in the Shit Heap That Is Rotterdam Film Festival

There were some amazing films this year, including: Adam Curtis' Bitter Lake, Sono Sion's Tokyo Tribe and Kim Longinotto's Dreamcatcher.


Jon Ronson in Conversation with Adam Curtis

The two old friends chat about TV and social media shaming.


'Britain Today Is a Twee Playpen': Adam Curtis and Massive Attack Discuss Their New Show

According to Massive Attack V Adam Curtis, Britain in 2013 is a twee, repetitive playpen that is turning us all into infants.


The Filmmaker Adam Curtis Shares His Thoughts on Our Generation

He thinks our generation is frightened and apocalyptic.