ContraPoints Is the Opposite of the Internet

Combining humour, drag and philosophy, the American YouTube commentator is cutting through the culture wars with clarity and logic.
Jake Hall
Clive Martin's Civil War

There Are No Real Winners in the Culture War

In this battle of left vs right, millennials vs boomers, everyone's a winner – and that's a problem.
Clive Martin
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

This Is Your Brain on Hate

Researchers are studying how white supremacism may rewire people.
Allie Conti

How the Alt-Right Is Spinning Their Humiliating 'Rally' in DC

A movement obsessed with optics is somehow finding a way to declare victory.
Allie Conti
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch Unite the Right Organiser Jason Kessler Get Owned by His Dad During a Livestream

"You get outta my room!"
Allie Conti
Far-Right Extremism

Former Neo-Nazis Tell Us How They Finally Left the Movement

As much as we’d like hate groups to disappear off the face of the Earth, many of them reintegrate into regular society. Here is how they left.
Mack Lamoureux
Canadian Far Right Extremism

This Is the Man Who Ran Canada’s Biggest Neo-Nazi Podcast

VICE can reveal a cosplayer named Clayton Sanford was behind a neo-Nazi recruitment tool.
Mack Lamoureux
Martin Patriquin

The Terrifying Trend of White Men Radicalised Online Becoming IRL Terrorists

It's no accident that young white guys with a fondness for the darkest part of the internet are descending into far-right violence.
David Neiwert
Tommy Robinson

The Story of Tommy Robinson, Hateful Hero of the British Far-Right

Robinson has gone from street protester to arguably the loudest anti-Islam voice in the UK. Here's how he got there.
Emma-Lee Moss
Hate Island

What the Far-Right Mean When They Say 'Free Speech'

The far-right is using free speech as a cover for bigoted ideas.
Simon Childs

Alleged Toronto Van Attacker’s Facebook Profile Linked to 'Incels', Praised Mass Killer

Facebook has confirmed to VICE that the post linking Alek Minassian, accused of killing 10 people, to the misogynistic group is real.
Jordan Pearson
Mack Lamoureux

Here Are the Far-Right Conspiracists the Quebec City Mosque Shooter Followed

Alexandre Bissonnette was obsessed with Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, David Duke, Richard Spencer and more, a court document revealed.
Mack Lamoureux