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Stripping Shamima Begum of Her Citizenship Is Racist and Dangerous

The Home Secretary is ignoring his own policy in order to posture to the public gallery.
Gracie Bradley

LGBTQ Asylum Seekers are Still Being Let Down by the Home Office

Despite promises that things will improve, reports show that the process remains rooted in stereotyping, discrimination and violence.
Jake Hall

Get Up to Speed On the UK's New Approach to Various Drugs

It's been a busy year for UK drug policy, but where do we stand right now?
David Hillier
The British Dream

How the British Government Splits Children Up From Their Parents

Hundreds of children a year are separated from their parents because of migration controls.
Simon Childs
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'The Government's Drugs Minister Must Step Down'

Because of a huge conflict of interest, she can no longer talk about cannabis – the most commonly used illegal drug in the UK.
Henry Fisher

All The News You Need To Read This Morning

Britain's first ever city centre drugs testing facility opens in Bristol
VICE Staff

This Is the Next Windrush-Style Scandal Waiting to Happen

The Home Office is trying to get out of having to share data with migrants about their immigration status.
Bisi Akintoye

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

The Home Office did set targets for the removal of illegal immigrants, a leading architect said millennials don't need living rooms, and more.
VICE Staff
Yarls Wood

Hunger-Striking Yarl's Wood Detainees Told They Could Be Deported Early for Protesting

MPs and legal experts have criticised the Home Office, telling VICE there is "no lawful basis to make this kind of threat".
Mattha Busby
hostile environment

The Government Can No Longer Deport Homeless Europeans

The Home Office policy of booting rough sleepers out was declared unlawful.
Simon Childs
vice exclusive

Theresa May's 'Anti-Slavery' Agenda Is About Deporting Migrants

Campaigners told VICE that government anti-migrant policing is creating "an exploitative employer's dream".
Simon Childs
hostile environment

How the Government Creates Racist Hysteria to Create Racist Policies

"Ministers showcase their crackdown on problems they have invented themselves."
Simon Childs