Pay Gap


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It seems the gender pay gap comes with an added weight limit.


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Senior management at VICE UK have informed staff of the pay gap at the company.


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Yesterday, companies had to submit their data to the UK government and one of Warners' numbers was… alarming.


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Pay Equity in New Zealand is a Race Issue, Not Just a Gender Issue

Pākehā women earn more than Māori, Pasifika and Asian men. This International Women's Day it's time to change the way we talk about the pay gap.


The VICE UK Morning News Bulletin

NASA makes an exciting announcement, British hospitals close, rockets launch, and much more.


Proof, If You Actually Still Need it, That the Gender Pay Gap Is a Very Real Thing

After looking at the earnings of 500,000 UK workers, it was found that men are still paid vastly more than women across many jobs and regions.


Women in the Restaurant Industry Are Still Being Paid Less Than Men

A recent study from UK hospitality recruitment agency The Change Group shows that while there are more women than men in wait staff positions, many earn up to 20 percent less.


Black Graduates Officially Earn Less Than Their White Counterparts

On average, black graduates in the UK earn a quarter less than white graduates, according to a new study by the Trade Union Centre.