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Kate Simko Makes Room on the Dancefloor for an Orchestra on Her New Ensemble LP

Simko gave up a normal career producing floor-fillers to challenge herself and explore new horizons.


How Dinamo Azari Went from Huge House to Gospel Techno

Check out exclusive photos from the former Azari & III member's sweaty, basement solo debut release party.


[New Books] Charting the Massive Visual History of Massive Attack

'3D and the art of Massive Attack' explores the band's visual style, including collaborations with UVA and Adam Curtis.


When Art Meets Particle Physics, the Result Is Chaotic Beauty

'Supersymmetry' sparks and hums with Ryoji Ikeda's cold fusion of science and art.


World's First Portable Vinyl Factory Presses Thurston Moore and Mica Levi Records

The two musicians are set perform at Christian Marclay's White Cube Gallery exhibition.


An Interview with Dinos Chapman

John Doran talks to the artist about his new album and why artists usually make terrible musicians.