Restaurant Confessionals

I Lied My Way Into the Upper Echelons of the Restaurant Industry

After my job prospects as a line cook fell through, I started lying my way through interviews for different waitstaff jobs. And even though I landed some jobs, I was a disaster in the dining room.

Internet Explodes After a Couple Posts Passive-Aggressive Tipping 'Trick'

“Put 5 dollars out on the table at the beginning of the dinner for the waiter/waitress to see. (Don’t say anything to them) if they mess up, you take a dollar away, and so on.”
Alex Swerdloff
Restaurant Confessionals

How I Feel As a Bar Waitress When You Sexually Harass Me

The things that make me the most uncomfortable are the people who whisper in my ear or take me aside, or tell me to come to talk to them privately. I can’t imagine how terrifying it would be to have the things that happen to me as a waitress happen to...
the vice reader

Read This Story by Clarice Lispector: 'Report on the Thing'

A new translation of the legendary Brazilian writer's meditation on the nature of time, the universe, Sweden, Pelé, and one electronic alarm clock that is so many things.
Clarice Lispector

I Went on a Stakeout With a Private Investigator and Learned About Boredom

You'd think it's awesome being a PI. And it is, except that you pee in a bottle.
Louis Blake

What to Do When All Your Friends Start Making Babies

Creep into their room and take a photo of them while they sleep.
Jana Romanova, Words: Elektra Kotsoni