The Ten Best Happy Hardcore Remixes Ever

From Oasis to Bjork to Coolio, here's a batch of tracks that have been given the OTT treatment and sound all the better for it.
Josh Baines

Why Abba's “Dancing Queen” Is the Saddest Record Ever Made

You thought it was just a cheesy song that your great-aunt fell over to at your cousin's wedding, didn't you? You were wrong.
Angus Harrison

What It Feels Like to Impersonate a Rock Star Onstage

Learning lessons in truth and beauty from ABBA, Oasis, and Foo Fighters impersonators who make a living at the summer's biggest fake festivals.
Francisco Garcia
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Did Obama Just Hint That He's a Secret Avicii Fan?

The incident in question took place at the US-Nordic Leaders Summit in Washington, DC on May 13.
Alexander Iadarola

Odd Couples: The Weirdest Dance Music Collabs Ever

From bluegrass electronica to rapping about cake, electronic music ventures into some odd directions.
Kathryn Kyte

What Was It Like Being a DJ in Communist Romania?

Sorin Lupaşcu began DJing in 1974, when he had to record dance music off the radio and hold parties at local high schools, and worked his way up to manning the decks at Eastern Europe's biggest open-air disco.
Ioana Moldoveanu
The Fashion Issue 2013

Raggare Love Hot Rods and Rock 'n' Roll

Raggare are modern-day greasers who are as important to Sweden’s national identity as meatballs, ABBA, and blue-eyed blonds. This is despite the fact that the raggare subculture is all about the appropriation of American cars, rock ’n’ roll, and tough...
Milène Larsson, Portrait by Caisa Ederyd