Free Live Band Karaoke Lets Me Live My Rock 'n Roll Fantasy

With live band karaoke, I can tune out the noise of life and be somebody else, someone who rocks out—all while backed by a real band.
Maryanne Murray Buechner

ABBA’s Music Was Sexist, But ‘Mamma Mia’ Helped Fix That

ABBA's songs were never that kind to women, but 'Mamma Mia' provides a surprisingly feminist re-telling of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus' music.
Shaad D’Souza

Will Smith’s ‘Big Willie Style’ Taught Me How To Be Myself And Black

Twenty years ago, it was extremely okay to be this corny and revive pig latin.
Mike Sholars
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Dancing Queens: Uncovering 'The Hits of ABBA in Hindi'

How two Indian sisters in 1981 made a joyful ABBA covers album for an Indian audience.
Alex Godfrey
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We Asked People About the Songs They Find Too Hard To Listen To

Breakups? Breakdowns? Funerals? We all have musical ghosts and they're destined to haunt us forever.
Daisy Jones
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I Found the Meaning of Life at an ABBA-Themed Club Night

How perfect pop helps to make sense of the chaos in an era when Trump will soon run the free world.
Lauren O'Neill

The Ten Best Happy Hardcore Remixes Ever

From Oasis to Bjork to Coolio, here's a batch of tracks that have been given the OTT treatment and sound all the better for it.
Josh Baines

Why Abba's “Dancing Queen” Is the Saddest Record Ever Made

You thought it was just a cheesy song that your great-aunt fell over to at your cousin's wedding, didn't you? You were wrong.
Angus Harrison
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New British PM Theresa May Has Horrible Taste In Music

May told the BBC's 'Desert Island Discs' that if you were trapped on an island with her, all she would play is Abba, church music, and clips from 'Yes Minister'—which bodes well for Britain.
Angus Harrison

What It Feels Like to Impersonate a Rock Star Onstage

Learning lessons in truth and beauty from ABBA, Oasis, and Foo Fighters impersonators who make a living at the summer's biggest fake festivals.
Francisco Garcia
The Noisey Guide to

The Noisey Guide To ABBA

Know this: ABBA are not disco schmaltz. For starters, their songs are full of perfectly pitched pathos and they've never once sold out. No wonder Bob Dylan loves them…
Cam Lindsay
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Did Obama Just Hint That He's a Secret Avicii Fan?

The incident in question took place at the US-Nordic Leaders Summit in Washington, DC on May 13.
Alexander Iadarola