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'TSA,' Today's Comic by Tara Booth

Tara accidentally gives a TSA worker a show after spilling water all over her white shirt.
Tara Booth
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You Can Bring Your Weed to the LA Airport Now

LAX is totally cool with passengers packing it in their carry-ons—but if it's illegal where you land, that's on you.
River Donaghey

People Tell Us About the Crazy Stuff They Snuck Past Airport Security

"I didn't want to throw that gram of cocaine away. My grandmother lived through the war and raised me to never waste things."
Alba Carreres

Everything We Know About Richard Russell, the Man Who Stole and Crashed a Plane

The 29-year-old rambled about "sweet nothings" and doing "barrel rolls" to air traffic control before crashing the plane into an island in Washington.
Drew Schwartz
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How One Sex Toy Fucked an Entire Airport

Airport security somehow mistook it for a bomb.
Drew Schwartz
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Film Crew Busted Trying to Sneak Fake Bomb Past Security, TSA Says

It was allegedly working on a story for CNBC.
River Donaghey
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The TSA Is Still Pretty Terrible at Detecting Threats

Airport security reportedly failed around 80 percent of its recent security tests, conducted by undercover agents.
Drew Schwartz

The Nervous Immigrant's Guide to Getting Through Customs

"When you’re in that moment the fear takes over.”
Cole Kazdin
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A Guy Got Caught in JFK with Ten Pounds of Cocaine in His Pants

Airport security said he looked a little too nervous and his pants were a little too tight.
Anna Langston
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The TSA Spent $1.4 Million on an App That Tells You to Go Right or Left

They could have probably saved a solid $1,399,999.75 if they just gave agents a quarter to flip.
Helen Donahue

Why Is the TSA So Bad at Handling Breast Milk?

In some cases, women have seen the bomb squad called for carrying breast milk through airport security.
Sarika Chawla
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Airport Security Is Apparently Not Very Good at Detecting Weapons or Explosives

In a test, the TSA let 67 out of 70 undercover federal agents carrying fake bombs or guns through checkpoints. That's not very good!
Allie Conti