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The Unapologetically Arab Restaurant That Reminded Me America is My Country, Too

At Dyafa, seeing people enjoying my heritage through food felt like a lifelong cloud of hatred was being lifted.
Janelle Lassalle

A Peek Inside the Secret, Sick Rituals of America's Frats

Just in time for the likely confirmation of a frat guy accused of sexual violence to the Supreme Court, a look at the underbelly of the world many powerful men pass through.
Alex Norcia
Objectively Correct Lists

7 Essential Lil B Mixtapes to Get You Started on the Based Path

Much of Lil B's mammoth discography has finally hit streaming services. Here are a few of the #rare albums you should collect.
Phil Witmer
Varsity Rocketry

The Race to Launch the First Student-Built Rocket into Space Is On

Rocketry teams compete for the milestone of becoming the first student team to reach space.
Becky Ferreira
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Cryptocurrency Miners Are 'Limiting' the Search for Alien Life

Berkely's SETI project can't get its hands on the latest graphics cards, which are popular with cryptocurrency miners.
Matthew Gault

'HATE THY NEIGHBOR' Meets the Alt-Right at Berkeley's 'Free Speech Week'

Jamali Maddix interviews "Based Stickman" Kyle Chapman on Tuesday's episode of the VICELAND show.
VICE Staff

Rexx Life Raj's 'Father Figure 2: Flourish' Is Perfect for The Long Weekend

Listen to the Berkeley rapper's latest project, featuring G-Eazy, Russ, and Iman Europe, over some turkey and football.
Noisey Staff

Inside a Homeless Encampment on the Brink of Eviction

Barring another reprieve in court, the Bay Area's relatively uncontroversial Here/There community could be vacant in a matter of days.
Rick Paulas
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Radical conservative Roy Moore beats Trump pick in Alabama, Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive, DEA chief to resign this week, and more.
VICE Staff
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Berkeley Doesn't Have to Choose Between Social Justice and Free Speech

Framing the controversy in terms of “classic” trolling rhetoric allows us to talk about more than just free speech.
Whitney Phillips
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

North Korea fires another missile over Japan, 18 injured in terrorist incident in London, Harvard retracts Chelsea Manning's fellowship, and more.
VICE Staff

Antifa Still Doesn't Care What the Media Thinks

They're mad as hell and they're not going anywhere.
Rick Paulas