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Snoop Dogg Makes Shocking Botanical Discovery in Martha Stewart's Driveway

"Somebody tell me what this is. A who? That's a pine cone?"
Drew Schwartz
the internet

Richard Dawkins Told Us What He Thinks About Memes

And then it got weird.
Mahmood Fazal

This Psychedelic Art Made from Moldy Food Is Tripping Us Out

Artist Felix Kalmenson proves decay can be gorgeous.
Anna Marks
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Drowning Out the Stress of a Noisy City

We uncover how recorded nature sounds can appeal to our evolutionary senses on this episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast.'
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Relax from a Stressful Day with This Video of a Crab Brutally Killing a Bird

Nature is bleak.
Drew Schwartz

Human and Animal Innards Expose Themselves in These Surgical Sculptures

Biological sculptor Olivier de Sagazan explores the borderlands between life and death in his bisected works.
DJ Pangburn
graphic design

These Complex Graphic Designs Just Want You to Appreciate Life

Mexican illustrator Daniel Barreto wants to remind us of the beauty within.
Sean Neumann

[NSFW] Feminist Self-Portraits Showcase the Mystical and Sensual Self

A series of performative self-portraits animate artist Ange’s new exhibition ‘Equilibrium: An Allegory of Rebirth.'
DJ Pangburn

Is the 'World's Most Sustainable Modern Town' Actually Bad for the Environment?

On a new episode of 'JUNGLETOWN,' one intern fears that building a village in the Panamanian jungle might actually be harming environment.
VICE Staff
bio art

I Got High and Chilled with Ants at the Guggenheim on 4/20

Smells alter your state of mind while you gaze at bioartist Anicka Yi's ant- and bacteria-filled installations.
Beckett Mufson
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Early Morning Classes Are Bad for College Students, Study Says

Some neuroscientists want universities to schedule classes later so you won't have to wake up to catch that 8 AM.
Drew Schwartz
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Heroin-Esque Fish Venom Could Be the Next Big Painkiller Breakthrough

Rather than inflict pain, the fang blenny slows its predators down with just one bite.
Maddison Connaughton