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Watch a Guy Use Puppets to Explain the Music Modernization Act to Congress

The Future of Music Coalition's Kevin Erickson recently broke down the complicated legislation on Capitol Hill.
Josh Terry
border patrol

AOC to DHS Secretary: “Did You See the Photoshopped Images of My Violent Rape?”

The images are among a trove of offensive posts in the secret Facebook group of Border Patrol staff
Kelly Vinett

Members of Congress Can't Use Tax Dollars for Harassment Settlements Anymore

Lawmakers in the House and Senate changed a decades-old rule that let members of Congress accused of sexual misconduct pay settlements with taxpayer dollars.
Marie Solis

10 Months After Weinstein, #MeToo Legislation Is Still Stalled in Congress

The House and Senate are pitted against each other in disagreements over legislation aimed at curbing sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill.
Marie Solis
Capitol Hill

The intern who yelled “fuck you” at Trump was just suspended from the Capitol

The intern's outrage came at the height of the crisis at the border
Alex Lubben
sex work

What it Was Like to Lobby on Capitol Hill as a Sex Worker

Activist, cam model and queer pornographer Anna Moone writes about her experiences lobbying for sex workers' rights in Washington, DC.
Anna Moone
Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt’s condo landlord reportedly had to kick him out and change the locks

It was supposed to be temporary, and on a night-by-night basis, while he got settled into Washington
Alex Lubben

Congressman to resign after allegedly sexually harassing staff and calling them “fucktards”

Rep. Blake Farenthold, Republican of Texas, will not seek re-election in 2018 and instead retire at the end of his term, a local ABC News affiliate reported Thursday, following multiple allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct by former staffers.
Alexa Liautaud

Why Is Congress Wasting Its Time on Anti-Doping Issues in Sports?

On Tuesday, Congress's Oversight and Investigations subcommittee will hold a hearing regarding anti-doping in sports. But with little ability to make changes to the system, it's not exactly clear what they hope to accomplish.
Aaron Gordon

What women stand to lose if Republicans repeal Obamacare

The price of repealing Obamacare for women
Emma Fidel
Olivia Becker
Last Call

This DC Bartender Has Protected the Most Political Secrets on Capitol Hill

"The Republicans were on one side of the bar and all the Democrats were on the other side and they were yelling at each other."
Jake Emen
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Some of the Biggest Names in US Law Enforcement Just Told Congress to Fix the System

Over 70 current and former police leaders and prosecutors added their voices in support of criminal justice reform legislation being considered in Washington, DC.
Brian McManus