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Talking to David Cross About the Worst Time in His Life, His Proudest Moment, and His Biggest Regret

The 'Todd Margaret' and 'Arrested Development' actor told us about severed fingers and shouting "transvestite!" at a schoolboy.
Joel Golby
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Watch Bob Odenkirk and David Cross's New Sketch About Police Brutality

Cross tries very hard to get arrested and 'Key & Peele''s Keegan-Michael Key makes a guest appearance.
Drew Schwartz

Amber Tamblyn on Poetry and Death

Broadly drives around Hollywood with actor Amber Tamblyn.
Broadly Staff
Gabby Bess

Director Jason Woliner Talks About Bob Odenkirk and David Cross's New Netflix Show

The man behind the camera for such strange, hilarious shows as Chris Elliott's "Eagleheart" and "Comedy Bang Bang" discusses what it's like to work with his heroes.
Rick Paulas
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Go West and Sell Out, Young Man: David Cross on Viral Celebrity and His New Movie, ‘Hits’

"The old ways of getting money are not there anymore, so sell out, young man."
Lincoln Michel

Boots Riley on the State of Oakland, the Power of the Working Class, and His New Screenplay

McSweeney's recently released the Coup frontman's screenplay, 'Sorry to Bother You'—a dark comedy that Riley will apparently be shooting with Patton Oswalt and David Cross soon.
Joseph Bien-Kahn

Scrapbook: Big Deal Flip Through Their Old Photo Albums

This London-based duo's music makes you feel young and happy and free. They also look cool, which it seems was a total accident. Here's how it happened.
Kim Taylor Bennett

My America, by David Cross

How can you allow yourself to be bored when you’ve got rare, delicious foods being brought to your lips by effeminate Frenchmen?
David Cross
The Mistakes Issue

I Want My Dvds

Sex dolls, Minor Threat, David Cross.
Anita Crapper
The Down & Out Issue

My America

Someone is always worse off. Even if you're shitting in a bucket surrounded by crazy veterans.
David Cross
The 80s Issue

My America

Let's stop beating around the bush, I'm famous. Not famous enough to be invited to those parties that Chloë Sevigny gets to go to, where she sits in a corner having her picture taken for obscure magazines. Not that famous, but just famous enough to...
David Cross
The Death Issue

My America

Here's another group of people I'd like to see go back to where they came from: this generation's Luddites. According to the dictionary, a Luddite is "one who opposes technical or technological change." It comes from Ned Ludd, an English laborer, who...
David Cross